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The First Ever Liberty Ballers Meet-Up

The Inaugural Liberty Ballers Meet-Up: December 21st, 2012 - Sixers vs. the Atlanta Hawks

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We heard a few stories in Vegas from other writers about blog meet-ups.

"It was a lot of fun - definitely awkward though."

"Really awkward at first. Good time though."

"One guy there was super awkward. Really strange. Wore jean shorts and a Sean Rooks shirsey."

We were jealous. We wanted in on the action. These other sites were stealing all the Awkward Tension, the overriding theme of this very site (until Baby Hof went out and legitimized us with actual analysis). I won't stand for this. We won't stand for this. Liberty Ballers was built on song parodies and Awkward Tension. Heck, we've dedicated Excel Spreadsheets to this very subject.

So, we're going on a group blind date. All of us. Friday, December 21st. Sixers vs. Hawks. Boss's return. On Wednesday, I spoke to a gentleman over at the Sixers Group ticket office (His name is Charles. Great guy. Likes the Bynum trade), and he hooked us up with 25 tickets together in Section 206A. So let's go ahead and see if I can answer all your important questions.

I want to go!

Cool! Email me (click my name above for my email address). We want to gauge interest first, and then we'll decide the best and fairest way to divvy up the tickets. ie: Five people may only want to go. Or fifty. Those who emailed/are interested will then receive an email from me with further instructions. It will most likely be a case of FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

How much does a ticket cost?

$15. PayPal will be the preferred method of payment.

How will I know which one is you, Dave?

I'll be wearing a Jerry Stackhouse jersey and holding a red rose.

Will LB be providing transportation to and from the game?

We're not SEPTA.

I want to go, but I already have family obligations.

Screw ‘em. We're your family now.

I want to go, but I have work that night.

We'll write you a note.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please excuse Sohil from work today. He's not feeling well.

-Dr. Jack Ramsay, MD

Which LB writers will be there?

Mike Levin, Tanner, Justin, Brandon, Derek, and myself. Possibly more. Now is your chance to tell Mike what you really think of him. Air your grievances publicly in section 206A.

What about the other Mike?

Working on it. I'm trying to lure him in with the empty promise of a BJ McKie appearance.

And Kami? Does she by any chance have any single, Filipino friends?

I'll ask, jefu.

How awesome is Tanner?

He's the best, yosoysean. He's the little brother I always wanted.

Will we meet up beforehand for some adult beverages?

We sure hope so. We'll figure those details out later on.

But I'm not 21.

No worries. We'll see you at the game.

Can I get a picture with Mike Levin? He seems very photogenic.

Sure, nyunole. But he charges $10 per photo. He's our very own Virgil.

Will that commentator, who loves basketball sneakers, be there?

Good question, Tanner. I don't know. Are you coming, Brenton Lenaghan?

Is there an age limit?

No, Dweebowitz. Although sneaking in a cauldron of chicken soup may be frowned upon.

Will there still be a game thread that night?

You have the chance to meet all your "Internet friends" (My wife's term), and you're only concerned about a Friday night game thread? Shame on you.

But, yeah, there'll still be a game thread.

Wait, Jordan's not going!? He doesn't love us anymore, does he?

Afraid not. He has moved on to the AL West. Jordan plays with a DH now.

Is Brandon Lee really 6'10"?

7'2" in heels.

I want the Sixers to win that night, but can I still cheer for Lou?

He made his first million...

Dave, if I attend, can I get your thoughts on the life and times of Rex Walters?

Gotta buy me a drink first, nyunole.

This is going to be really awkward, isn't it?


So who is interested in attending the first-ever LB meet-up? Comment below with your excitement level on the Royal Ivey to Andrew Bynum scale.

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