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Sixers Invite Gadzuric, Silas, Searcy, and Wilkins to Training Camp

While it seems they decided against bringing Josh Howard into the fold, a few other new names have come to the forefront as the Sixers announce they've added four guys to the training camp roster. Dan Gadzuric (who we heard came in for a workout a few days ago), former Sixer and friend of the blog Xavier Silas coming off a pretty serious-looking injury, Orlando Summer Leaguer and Queen Regent Devin Searcy, and journeyman Damien Wilkins will all be camping for the Sixers at St. Joe's come next Tuesday.

Of the four, Wilkins is the only one that raises a few eyebrows. He was, at one point, an average basketball player for the since defunct Seattle Supersonics, but advanced stats were never kind to him, as the nephew of Dominique wasn't a particularly good shooter and didn't get to the foul line. He fizzled out with the Hawks and Pistons the past two years, averaging just over 3 points per game between them. I don't particularly see the point in inviting him to camp when I'm pretty sure Justin Holiday is still on the market. But he *is* a veteran and we all know how Doug likes to fill his bench with washed up vets.

Speaking of! Hey Dan Gadzuric! He likely won't make the team, but he'll bang around with Bynum in the post and I suppose that's good enough for me. If he can get Bynum into the shape he needs to be in, I'll pitch in a few bucks to sent the Gadzurices a nice muffin basket.

Good to see X is healthy enough to get a camp invite. I've never had a skull fracture but it doesn't sound particularly pleasant and I can't imagine recovering from one was much fun either. I don't love his game, but he texts with Jordan sometimes and he seems like a great dude so I can't really complain about him making the team as the last guy.

Searcy is around strictly for comic relief, I'm sure of it. I will not rest until everyone knows him by his nickname, the Queen Regent.

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