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NBA Comeback Day: Allen Iverson 2.0

Some blogs are taking it one way. We'll take it the other.


For the better part of the past 15 years, most Philadelphians' socioeconomic beliefs can be directly related to how they felt about the tenure of one Allen Iverson. In a town plagued with polarizing figures, AI was in the running for the top spot. If Donovan McNabb is the Santa Claus of polarizing figures, then Allen is at least Head Eskimo or something. But in spite of all his quirks, everyone always seemed to like Allen - begrudgingly or not. Everybody likes an underdog.

When Allen was traded (about three years too late) to Denver for a package centering around Andre Miller and Joe Smith, the reaction was mixed. Yeah that team was awful, especially Chris Webber, but he's still Allen, and it was always weird seeing him wear a uniform other than that hideous black/red/blue/gold one that some random being who no longer exists thought was a good design.

It was exponentially stranger, then, seeing Allen COME BACK ("Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.") a few seasons later to a packed Wells Fargo Center, a braces'd Eddie Jordan, and a hyperventilating Marc Zumoff to make his return. The Sixers were 5-15 at the time, sitting on a potential franchise point guard that was getting less minutes at point guard than WILLIAM ELEANOR GREEN, and they were desperate for any attention.

So they signed Iverson. Reunion Tour. Jagger was there. Tickets were sold. I seem to remember some skin sagging.

The Sixers would lose three straight games with Iverson back, as fans grew increasingly disinterested in watching a beat up, slowed down, inefficient marketing ploy try to be the guy he used to be. A last gasp from the absentee ownership at making a few more people pay to see the carnival. I would've rather had Lil Bow Wow from Like Mike on the team. Morris Chestnut, baby.

Iverson averaged 14 points per game in 32 minutes during the 09-10 season with the Sixers. His game consisted mostly of "getting in the way", an impressive feat for some just over 5'10, 160. His 43.1 eFG% was by far the lowest on the team for anyone not named Primoz Brezec and he was released in March once the ownership decided to casually tank the rest of the year until they tripped over themselves to draft Evan Turner.

Sometimes, comebacks are good. Usually they are not. This is one of the Nots.

This post goes out to all the people who miss LB during the Eddie Jordan era. We still love you. And we had shirts to prove it.

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