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Sixers GM Search: Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri Contacted, Tony DiLeo the Favorite

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Here's some good/bad news on the Ross-and-Rachel topic of the Sixers search for a General Manager. Woj reports that earlier this summer, the Sixers pushed hard to pry Ujiri from Denver and bring him to Philly to succeed Rod Thorn. That's great news. Ujiri is, by all accounts, an awesome dude and has done a great job getting good pieces in Denver, the latest being Andre Iguodala.

The bad news is: he said no. So... yeah. Sort of posthumous on the news cycle there, Woj. At least we're not getting our hopes up for this one. He declined "a lucrative package", which makes me giggle even typing it just then. $2 million worth of package. We could've made great memories together, Masai. Say goodbye to THESE.

In more obvious news, it looks like Tony DiLeo is the clear frontrunner for the job. Jeff Bower(s) has been the backup candidate for about 3 months now and it seems like the Sixers won't be bringing him in. Though you never know, the way this search has gone.

DiLeo? Eh. I'm fine with it. It's not a splashy move, but he's been the driving force behind a number of Sixers moves over the years and he seems like he knows what he's doing. I suppose there is the worry that he becomes Doug's puppet, but he's been here for a long time and they both worked to bring Andrew Bynum here so I can't object to that too much.

I'd like a splashy name as much as the rest of you but maybe DiLeo is our girl next door. He's our best friend. He's been right in front of our eyes the whole time, we just didn't see it. And then we all fall in love with Tony DiLeo as the music swells and we fade to black.

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