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Liberty Ballers 2012 Prediction Contest Results, We Have a Winner!

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Many moons ago (the Randy Moss in Green Bay kind), we presented the readers of this mediocre at best Sixers blog with 10 questions concerning the 2011-2012 team. With more than 40 entries from the best commenters on the entire internets, one stood alone at the top of the mountain, flexing his tricpes and glutes in sweet victory. That someone is one of the most loyal and active members of the stellar community we have going at Liberty Ballers. His interests include Starburst jelly beans, secretly trying to feed peanuts to Mike, and memorizing every Adam Sandler movie post-Big Daddy (Grown Ups is his favorite by far). Ladies, gentlemen, and the cast of "Dinosaurs", allow me to present you with the winner of the 2012 Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest: soman319!

Our good pal soman correctly predicted 4 of the 10 categories on his journey to the winner's circle on top of Mount Vesuvius. Apparently he traveled into the future, checked out the Yahoo! Sports stats page and somehow knew that Spencer Hawes would lead the team in rebounding, Marreese Speights (miss you boo) would be the first Sixer traded, Thaddeus Young would play more minutes than Louis Williams and Evan Turner, and that Lou would sink the most three-pointers (other than Jodie Meeks). The selection committee is looking into the use of performance enhancing drugs when it comes to his prediction abilities, but as of now, nothing but an obscene amount of Lemonheads has come up on the drug test.

So other than the ability to reign supreme over all you other losers (trash talk is key), what lovely gifts will the Liberty Ballers models (Topanga Lawrence and DJ Tanner) present to soman? Well, he's got his choice between one of the new fresh tees in the revamped LB swag shop (check it out!) or a filthy t-shirt that I've recently worn while playing basketball. I expect he'll be thinking about this one for days to come.

The new season is almost here, lemurs! Will soman successfully defend his prediction title or will a hot young prospect take the crown? Be on the lookout for the 2012-2013 prediction contest coming in less than 2 months!

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