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NEW: Liberty Ballers T-Shirt Store

After much collaboration, legal hurdles, and re-designs, I'm happy to unveil some new Liberty Ballers swag. Our t-shirt store has been completely re-vamped, and there are now five fresh items available for purchase.

(Props to Andrew Schreiber, for all of his hard work on the designs.)

The first item is a 'Pressure Makes Diamonds' tee, inspired by Andrew Bynum's introductory press conference. For unknown reasons, Bynum uttered this phrase at his introductory presser. It's not quite "I make love to pressure," but we'll take it. The second item is a 'How Could You Be Moe Harkless' tee, inspired by the Sixers first round pick, and the Kayne West song. The third item is my personal favorite – a Nick "Swaggy P" Young tee, inspired by the Swaggiest player on the earth. The fourth item is just a shirt which reads "The Jruth". The fifth, and final item, is a 'Villain' tee, designed to represent Evan Turner.

Make the jump to check out the designs. And click here to visit out re-vamped store.






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