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Here are Two Pictures Spencer Hawes Drew in Second Grade.


Let me say this. I love Spencer Hawes. This isn't about him as a basketball player. From his country pride to his being SO Pacific Northwest to his luggage modeling, I'm just a huge fan of the guy from a pure hilarity standpoint.

Which is why this is the best:

Stumbled across this gem of a report from 2nd grade today. Good timing.

A few things that I love dearly about this, even though I could just say "everything" and you'd get it.
  • His Gary Payton depiction is dead on. One leg shorter than the other, boxy torso, huge jersey/pencil neck combo, French beret, permanent smile... Just nailed it. I really want to see his Shawn Kemp artwork now.
  • There's something extremely endearing about seeing him sign his name "Spencer H." Warms my heart.
  • The discrepancy between the Payton picture and the Sonics one is pretty significant. My detective hunch is this: Spencer H.'s mom, sister, or cousin drew the logo and Spence colored in the lines. He did a fabulous job on the coloring, but that tower and that neck were not drawn by the same human, as talented an illustrator as he may be.
  • How heartbreaking is it to think of a 2nd grade Spencer Hawes learning that someday, his Supersonics will move to Oklahoma City?

I wish I was in second grade with Spencer H. Now if only we can have a whole exhibition with artwork from all current Sixers, we'd be in business. I don't think it's hard to imagine Nick Young and Royal Ivey as painting wunderkinds.

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