Question from a Jazz fan...

Hey everyone, I had a question regarding Jrue Holiday. The Jazz have four young players positions 2-5 who right now look to be the future of our team. But because we've been spoiled with good guard play for a long time now (Stockton-Deron Wiliams), we all really really want a "pg of the future" (someone to stay w/ our young core long term). It doesn't seem like this player will come through the draft, and landing good free agents in Utah is very difficult. So it looks like the most likely option will be overpaying one through restricted free agency (Holiday, Curry, Lawson, jennings). I've seen a few of your fans scoff at the idea of paying Holiday a max contract since he said that's what he wanted from the team. My question is, if Holiday signs with another team in RFA, at what point is his contract too expensive to match? Is it 12 million? Or would it have to be 15 million? I really like Holidays game, (although I don't think it's max worthy either) and was just wondering what you guys thought his value is. How much money over how many years???

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