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Done? Bynum, J-Rich for Iguodala, Harkless, Vuce. Dwight to Lakers


UPDATE: J.A. Adande says Andrew Bynum will re-sign with Sixers.

UPDATE #2: Now Adande is saying he's "not sure" if Bynum will re-sign.

There are so many things happening that by the time I actually finish a post, thousands of new developments have been made. So I'm Zach Morrising it here and pausing the world so I can tell you things. It looks like this Dwight Howard deal is done, and while we are neither trading nor receiving Dwight Howard, it will still be referred to as such. Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson will likely be Sixers. But at the expense of a lot. Here's how it looks.

Andrew Bynum
Jason Richardson

Nikola Vucevic
Moe Harkless
Arron Afflalo
Al Harrington
3 1st rounders (one from each team)

Dwight Howard

Andre Iguodala

So there it is. This is definitely not the final thing, but it may be. Or it may not be. I don't even know.

Gut reaction: I love this deal. Regardless of Bynum resigning, it's a fantastic trade. I'm bummed about losing Harkless (how could you trade Moe Harkless? shirts coming to a store near you) but it's unlikely he'd ever get to his potential and I got the impression the Sixers were going to screw him up anyway. The future first is collateral damage. Vucevic barely exists to me anymore.

This is a huge step towards a championship. Not "relevance". A championship. I'm particularly blown away at the Sixers doing this without a GM. Let's see how it plays out. For now: continue being as irrational as you please.

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