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NBA League Office to Process Dwight Howard Deal Friday Morning

He's thinking about textiles.
He's thinking about textiles.

Does this mean it's actually happening? I don't know. But I know I'm not sleeping tonight until we get some concrete information. Here's what we know: ____________. Exactly. Dwight Howard COULD be a Laker (what's a laker) soon. Andrew Bynum COULD be a Sixer soon. Andre Iguodala COULD be off the team. Other than that, details are as fuzzy as your newborn's head. Pau Gasol has been rumored to be both involved and not involved in the deal. Rumor has it he's not. I just want something to happen.

And it might! According to Marc Stein, the league office has been notified of SOMETHING.

Unless the league office is having a meeting tomorrow about what tile patter they're going to use to redesign the cafeteria, it looks like something is happening. M. Night Shyamalan is probably involved in some way.

Sixers gonna... Sixers? Is that you?

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