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Bynum/Howard/Iguodala Deal Close, Will They Sixers This?

Him? Her?
Him? Her?

So by all accounts, a rumor that started this morning has picked up enough traction to where this Stephen A. Smith tweet makes things hyperventilatingly nuts. Andrew Bynum could be a Sixer any moment. Dwight Howard to the Lakers. Andre Iguodala would *finally* *actually* *seriously this time* be traded. To Denver, on the awesomest Nuggets team.

But will it happen? Like I know people are saying it'll happen and all. But will it happen?

These are the Sixers. They are fully capable of Sixersing this entire thing. Metta World Peace and Hedo Turkoglu are just waiting to be picked up for veteran leadership. Everything the Sixers are doing NOW is the right thing if rumors are to be believed, but would the Sixers, without a GM except for cushiony Rod Thorn and London'd Doug Collins, actually be capable of pulling this off?

I don't know. I'm really nervous. Like excited nervous, not suffocating nervous. I think that's a good sign. Maybe. How are you feeling? What'd you eat for dinner? Regardless of what happens, we're here for each other and I love you all. OMG BYNUM THOUGH.

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