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Nikola Vucevic Would Go To Orlando in Dwight Howard Trade Fourgy


Here's some terribly sad news that would certainly rain on the parade of a potential Andrew Bynum trade to Philadelphia. NOT. Marc Spears reports via ze twitter that Nikola Vucevic would be sent to the Orlando Magic in their haul for Dwight Howard. The trade, as we reported via Woj earlier today, is a fourway of improbability between Orlando, LA, Denver, and oh hey the Sixers!

To reiterate, it's unlikely that this trade goes through simply because of the difficulty of executing a 4-team deal with some of the biggest names in basketball. Also, they're the Sixers, which certainly works against them in all aspects of this situation. Contracts are tricksy and clauses are funky. Basically it won't happen. BUT ALSO IT WILL HAPPEN SO GET EXCITED ANDREW BYNUM.

Losing Vuce is, by all accounts, a blip on the radar. If trading Vuce means not trading *another* first round pick to go with Andre Iguodala in exchange for Bynum (I'm speculatin' so hard right now) then I'm happy to do it. He was fine as a rookie, but his ceiling is that of a backup center and Doug Collins basically forgot about him the second half of last season. So did I. This is not a dealbreaker by any account. I'm actually happy to just kick Vuce off the team by the off-chance that he'd take any minutes away from Arnett Moultrie, who could feasibly become a starter in this league. We have enough backups as it is. Sup Lavoy.

Alex Kennedy also tells us there's nothing set in stone yet, so a lot of names are involved that haven't been floated yet. Contracts gotta match and the like. I want this to happen so badly you guys.

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