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Mike Zarren Out Of Sixers GM Contention

No driver, but the wheels just keep on turning. The Sixers GM position is pretty much a full-blown myth at this point and Mike Zarren wants nothing to do with it. This leaves Tom Penn, Jeff Bower, and the Illuminati as the final three candidates for the job.

Maybe he's just reallllllly excited for the Jeff Green era to begin in earnest. I'd guess the problem for him rhymes with Shmug Flollins.

Next we have a pretty startling tweet from John Hollinger, who connects the nightmare dots we're all dreading.

I guess it's important to say this is absolutely speculation on Hollinger's part, but it's hard to disagree with him. Maybe the Sixers brass kicked the tires on bringing in a numbers guy, but in the end OLD TIMEY SCOUTIN' WITH YOUR EYEBALLS will win out. Jeff Bower, who I'm sure is a terrible person and a villain and laughs maniacally in his dark den filled with posters of Willie Green and Monta Ellis (and one Weezer print), will likely be the General Manager going into next season.

Unless, you know, they introduce 84 new candidates before Rod Thorn ultimately re-hires himself to an infinity year contract and he dies before George R. R. Martin can finish A Song of Ice and Fire.


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