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#NBARank 2012: Ranking The Remaining Sixers

ESPN unveiled #NBARank last season, in a desperate attempt to generate basketball discussion during the lockout, and it made mostly no sense, so they decided to bring it back for a second season!

We'll give them a free pass for ranking Lavoy Allen 500th (out of 500) last season, because I would've ranked him 501 if I could have. I was on record saying he was the worst draft pick of all time, and would never make the Sixers, or something like that.

What's bizarre to me, are the rankings of bench-warming veterans and the incoming rookie class. Like, why was Jamaal Magloire ranked ahead of Avery Bradley last year? Because the "experts" recognized one's name and not the other's? That's what it seems like. I don't understand the idea of ranking veterans ahead of rookies, just because. That's something Doug Collins would do. And Satan.

Anyway, the 2012 edition of #NBARank is more than halfway complete, and only three Sixers have shown up on the list so far. Arnett Moultrie at 400. Royal Ivey at 375. And Kwame Brown at 332. That leaves ten Sixers to be revealed between 1-240.

Last year, I took multiple stabs at the unrevealed rankings of the remaining Sixers, and actually did pretty well. It only makes sense to try again. Only this time, I'm using a purely scientific method.

Maalik Wayns: 540, because that's how many shots he missed in college.

Spencer Hawes: 206, because that's Seattle's area code.

Jason Richardson: 188, because ... wait, who is Jason Richardson again?

Dorell Wright: 187, because that's how many threes he missed last year.

Lavoy Allen: 150, because that's how much he tried to sell his jersey for last season.

Nick Young: 125, because on a scale of 1-100, that's how much Swag he has.

Evan Turner: 99, because that's how many problems he has, but a jumpshot ain't one. Just kidding.

Thaddeus Young: 88, because that's the year he was born.

Jrue Holiday: 69, because you know why.

Andrew Bynum: 1, because that's how many times he plans on living.


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