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Sixers vs. Nuggets Pre-Preview: The First Play

A whole lotta man right here.
A whole lotta man right here.

We're about two months away from tip-off, but that's not going to stop me from looking ahead. The Sixers have Andrew Bynum now (ya heard?), thus making every single moment of Sixers basketball since the end of Game One of the 2001 NBA Finals irrelevant. Now, we start fresh. I just got a solid state drive and cleaned out my computer to parallel a fresh start. Solid State = Bynum.

Though the Hype Machine in Philadelphia has been working overtime on getting Mr. and Mrs. Casual Fan believing a championship is possible, most national guys aren't too much higher on the Sixers chances this season than they were pre-trade. For good reason -- it takes a lot of time to acclimate a new roster (only 5 holdovers), especially when you've traded your leading scorer (Boss), leading rebounder (EB), and leading assist man/best player (Battie Iguodala). But what we do know is that a whole lot of the offense will be run directly through the chest of Andy Bynum.

Which got me thinking about the very first play they're going to run. After Bynum lets Javale McGee win the tip because he's lazy and doesn't care about the team, Spencer's going to make an acrobatic steal because that's just what he do, and it'll be time for Doug to call his first offensive set with the new guys.

It's gotta go to Bynum, right? Or should we just YOLO and let Jrue pop a PUJIT (pull-up jumper in transition) with 19 seconds left on the shot clock? Dark horse: Hawes Iso. A Nick Young jumper despite being on the bench is not out of the realm of possibility either. Or does Doug rub his butt in everyone's face by letting Evan Turner go to work on former mentor Andre Iguodala?

I'm hoping, for the sake of the crowd at the WFC to kick off the season, it's a dump-in to Drew. He'll fake towards the lane, get Javale to bite, and spin baseline for the easy flush. Maybe a chest pound or two on the way back up the court. Maybe an Antoine Walker shimmy. I just got chills.

Am I the only one wet dreaming about Play #1?

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