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Where We At? Sixers Offseason Status

The Andrew Bynum frenzy is behind us and we have officially reached the dog days of August. Aside from the Sixers GM search moving at Vucevic Speed, absolutely nothing is happening in Sixerville. So with that, let's take a look at where we are heading into September.

  • Most importantly, Dave Rueter is getting married today. I have no idea how it happened, and as recently as last night he gave me another drunk dial to talk about Mark Price and Bimbo Coles, but it seems pretty legitimate. I can't confirm that his fiancee actually exists, but based on this registry, you can get them that set of 4 stainless steel measuring cups Dave has always wanted. A hearty Liberty Ballers congratulations to Dave and MJ -- may the rest of your days be filled with mediocrity and Princeton Offense. I wonder how being married will affect Dave's blog game. We have our best statisticians on the case. Something to keep in mind when he makes his next post in like November or something.
  • Dorell Wright is exploring China. Nice, Dorell. Maybe see if J.R. Smith left you a note from when he was there.
  • Louis Williams is no longer on the team. Willie Green is still not.
  • Thaddeus Young got married. He does not look better in a suit than our Dave.
  • Nick Young is getting his couch dirty.
  • Tanner is sitting in lawn chairs.
  • Derek is going through what can only be considered the longest move of all time.
  • Jason Richardson is taking more adorable pictures with his son.
  • I've been stirring up an awful lot of sexual tension between myself, NPH, and Jason Segal on set.
  • Paul George is learning how to skateboard and probably being awesome at it. He is not a Sixer on paper, but he's one in our hearts.
  • How could you be Moe Harkless?

Make this a general discussion/how would anyone marry Dave thread. Rumor has it he'll be live-tweeting the wedding.

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