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If Sixersing Was an Olympic Event, What Would it Consist Of?


Hi. How are things? What have you been up to? I just started a new job yesterday. That's what's new for me. Blogsharing is blogcaring, as they say.

Have you been watching the Olympics? It's been funky out here time-wise but I've caught a good amount of swimming (underrated Olympian: Water.), gymnastics, and rowing. I've sadly missed every second of shuttlecock action.

Anyway I got to thinking, as the title of this article suggests, what Sixersing as an Olympic event would entail. I know I have a few suggestions, most of them involving missing as many shots as quickly as possible, but I'd like to hear what you've got to say about it. Also, would it be a winter or summer event? So many questions!

Then, in 2014 or 2016, we'll talk to our boys at the IOC, and make it official. I think this baby's got legs. If handball can do it, why can't us? "Sixersing: Coming to your 'Lympics soon or soonish."

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