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Roll Call: Philadelphia Has A Basketball Team?

Hi, my name's Jordan. I started a Sixers blog in 2008. My fourth post included the sentence, "Marreese Speights has a ton of intangibles." Back then, exactly three people cared about the Sixers, and only four people knew Philadelphia had a professional basketball team. A lot has changed since then.

(Unfortunately, my writing has not – I'm still pretty terrible. And I'm still stuck in the friend zone – just with a different girl.)

Now people care about the Sixers – more importantly, they know of the Sixers. The moment Andrew Bynum came to town, fans came out of the woodwork. "I always knew Rodney Carney wouldn't make it." Like hell you did, buddy.

I have to admit, if you're new around these parts, you just missed the 'I LOVE BEING A SIXERS FAN AS MUCH AS I LOVE LYING ON A BED FULL OF RUSTY NAILS' era, but hey, more power to you.

Whether you've been a Sixers fan since the days of Manute Bol, or you're a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan who thought of the Sixers as your weird little brother who kept following you around the playground making fart noises with his armpit until now (and rightfully so), I want to know who you are, and officially welcome you to life of a Sixers fan. It's going to be a fun next couple seasons.

There were exactly 24 registered users on Sixersoul – Liberty Ballers has nearly 3,000. Introduce yourself!

We do something like this every so often, prompting lurkers to introduce themselves to the community, and in turn, the community introduces themselves to lurkers.

We'll keep it simple. Give us your name, when/why you became a Sixers fan, and one weird fact about your personal life. I'll start.

1. My name is Jordan?
2. I officially became a Sixers fan in 2000, because of Allen Iverson (I was a Bulls fan in elementary.)
3. I wore goggles in the shower until I was 10 years old, because I was terrified of water getting in my eyes.


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