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Bynum: 'I'm Leaning Towards Making [Philadelphia] My Home'

Picture courtesy of @And_Porter, via @SpikeEskin
Picture courtesy of @And_Porter, via @SpikeEskin

The Andrew Bynum Era has officially begun.

The newly-acquired big man arrived at his introductory press conference, in front of approximately one thousand chant-happy Sixers fans, wearing rip-off Adidas pants and XXXXL Sixers t-shirt. He answered questions honestly, without much use of athlete-speak, and nearly gave his agent a heart attack by signing an impromptu contract extension.

Sixers fans had already fallen in love with the idea of Andrew Bynum – Wednesday's press conference only solidified it. Spike Eskin has a first-hand report.

"I've never seen anything like this," Bynum said of the reception. He was greeted with high fives, and "And-rew By-num" and "Beat LA" chants as he walked to the podium to begin the press conference. "Hopefully they can match my energy during the season," he said of the fans.

He enjoyed the fans so much, he admitted that he's leaning towards signing a long-term deal.

When asked if he has considered staying with the Sixers, Bynum said "my experience here has been so great, I'm leaning toward making this my home." The already loud crowd got much, much louder.

From a fan's perspective, I couldn't have imagined the presser going any better. Bynum seemed to legitimately enjoy himself, and his eccentric personality was a breath of fresh air. He has the city of Philadelphia genuinely excited about basketball again.

Other notables from the press conference

  • The crowd chanted. They chanted a lot. Among the chants were: "Thank You Adam", "Beat LA", "Andrew Bynum", "USA", and "Beat The Heat". They were so happy, they didn't know what to do. Chanting is always acceptable.
  • Adam Aron and Josh Harris gave monologues comparable to this best man's speech.
  • Mikey Miss got booed.
  • Andrew Bynum unintentionally associated himself with the saying, "Diamonds make pressure." I'm not sure what the context was. It's not quite "I make love to pressure," but I'll take it.
  • I got the feeling that Andrew Bynum hates the Lakers. So, we have that in common.
  • Jason Richardson may have been there. All I remember him saying is "I don't like country music."
  • Andrew Bynum did not Stone Cold Stun anyone, to my surprise.
  • Bynum said he looks forward to playing with Spencer Hawes. Related: Andrew Bynum has never watched Spencer Hawes.
  • Andrew Bynum is a BAMF and I can't wait 'til he starts smashing on people's skulls.
*Chant voice* LET'S GO SIXERS

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