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Andrew Bynum Press Conference Open Thread

So, the idea of Andrew Bynum on the Sixers has been floating around. A few Andrew Bynum holograms have even been spotted around the city of Philadelphia – some said to have been wearing Lakers sweats. But since Bynum doesn't have a Twitter account, and only speaks in meme (BYNUM SMASH!), there's no way of actually knowing if Andrew Bynum on the Sixers is a thing.

Until today.

This past week, Sixers fans around the world have accumulated an unhealthy amount of black and blues from pinching themselves, but at 12:15 EST, Andrew Bynum is scheduled to speak in front of thousands of Eagles and Phillies fans, who just discovered Philadelphia has a basketball team, and we can collectively release the flesh from between our fingernails.

What will Bynum say? What will Bynum do? Liberty Ballers has learned from sources of sources of sources that Drew is "beyond thrilled" with the opportunity to hold up a retro Willie Green uniform in front of thousands of humans.

I still can't believe this is happening. It won't hit me until I witness an awkward handshake between Andrew Bynum and Adam Aron.

The days events can be seen live on Chat it up in the comments and/or follow the Liberty Ballers account on Twitter for some live-tweeting. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING.

P.S. Some Jeremy Richardson guy will be there too.

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