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Andrew Bynum is "Beyond Thrilled" to be a Sixer


We love him. He loves us. In addition to Barney songs, this applies to the Sixers new franchise big man Andrew Bynum. According to Hoopsworld via sources who intercepted a text from Bynum to his distant cousin who used to be a big Vince Carter fan but doesn't really care much about the current NBA landscape otherwise, Drew is "beyond thrilled" to be in Philadelphia.

I love hyperbole as much as the next blogger so it got me thinking about things I'm beyond thrilled about. Andrew Bynum is one of them. What are some others?

  • I'm beyond thrilled that there's a Yogurtland within walking distance of my apartment.
  • I don't frequent the store much, but when I do, I tend to be Bed, Bath, and Beyond thrilled with my purchase.
  • I'm beyond thrilled that Arrested Development is back in production.
  • I was beyond thrilled by Panic Room, the Jodie Foster thriller with Kristen Stewart as her diabetic daughter and Forest Whitaker as the nice criminal. It was thrilling.
  • I'm beyond thrilled that Channing Frye says "btb" nowadays.
  • I'm beyond thrilled that I don't have to write about a team I hate anymore.
  • I'm beyond thrilled immediately after Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ends.
  • I'm not, but I know a few people who are beyond thrilled watching this Will Clark tribute video.

I wonder if he's specifically beyond thrilled to play next to Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown. I would be. Word has it Jason Richardson is just a normal amount of thrilled.

Yay Drew!

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