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Pick Your Wings: Evan Turner, J-Rich, Dorell Wright, Nick Young

I see you.
I see you.

The forgotten man in the Andrew Bynum trade has to be Jason Richardson. He makes the backcourt a little convoluted with fellow new shooter acquisitions Nick Young and Dorell Wright, but no team has ever failed to succeed because of too much shooting. Pair them with the assumed breakout year of Evan Turner and you have a few decisions to make.

There are a number of factors in play here when Doug Collins considers how he's going to divvy out playing time for his wings. One, shooting. Evan needs to develop a jumper, the other three have one. Two, potential. J-Rich and Swaggy P have likely maxed out on theirs -- ET and to some extent Dorell have varying levels of more left in the tank.

Three, the future. Evan could potentially become a franchise cornerstone with a good year. Dorell could re-sign after this year to be the relatively cheap athletic shooter in between Jrue and Evan for years to come. Nick figures to only be here one year. Richardson has two years and a player option left, but he's 31 and coming off his worst year as a pro.

Usually the "starting" label doesn't matter as much as minutes do. But with Evan, confidence is huge and to stay on the bench after Andre Iguodala finally gets out of his way would knock him down a peg coming into the season. So who should start at the 2 and 3? I'm operating under the assumption that positions don't matter as much as roles do. Any two of these guys could play together regardless of whether or not they are popularly considered a 2 or a 3. With that said, vote and explain yourself.

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