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POLL: Is Andrew Bynum Already Your Favorite Sixer?

For the first time in my lifetime 'AI' isn't an acceptable answer to the question "Who's your favorite Sixer?". Following the Andrew Bynum trade, there are only five returning Sixers from last year's squad, and Thaddeus Young – at 24 years old – is the longest-tenured player.

Iguodala was many fans' favorite player, despite the casual fan thinking he's overpaid and he sucks. With his departure comes time for a new Sixer to claim the title of 'favorite player'. The most obvious answer would be Andrew Bynum, but are we all going to dump Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, just like that?

After the jump, I make a little case for, and against, Bynum. I also remind you of how awesome Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner are. Even then, there's a fourth Sixers who remains the swaggiest.

Make the jump and let me know who your new favorite player is, now that Iguodala and Craig Brackins are officially off the team.

Andrew Bynum, 24 years old, Center

The newly-acquired big man has taken the city of Philadelphia by storm. Sixers fans have already began to worship the ground he walks on, and rightfully so. The young big man provides the Sixers with a legitimate franchise player – the first since Allen Iverson.

Since he's new here, I present you a list of pros and cons, on why he should, or shouldn't be your new favorite player.

Pro: YOLO Three-pointers, Con: YOLO Three-pointers, Pro: Not Spencer Hawes, Con: Could tear his ACL at the Playboy Mansion, Pro: Had 30 rebounds, Con: Got dunked on by Shaq, Pro: Skip Bayless likes him, Con: Skip Bayless likes him, Pro: Will laugh if Spencer Hawes gets dunked on, Con: Doesn't have a Twitter, Pro: Has good taste in women Con: Will wear Willie Green's number

Jrue Holiday, 22 years old, Point Guard

Jrue Holiday has been a Liberty Ballers favorite since the day he was drafted. He enjoys eating Fruity Pebbles and filming exclusive clips for Liberty Ballers dot com. Before he played basketball for a living, he worked at Modell's. He's dating a member of Team USA's soccer team and my cousin claims "he's really cute". So, he's blog-friendly, kid-friendly, girl-friendly, and American. He's also young and really good at basketball. Is Bynum worth ditching The Jruth for?

Evan Turner, 23 years old, Shooting Guard

Evan Turner has been my favorite Sixer since draft night. He shook Mike's hand on an elevator and also filmed an exclusive Liberty Ballers dot com video. His nickname is "The Villain" and he currently owns the sickest shirt in the Liberty Ballers store. He broke his back in college, only to come back and drill a game-winning half court shot. Now that Andre Iguodala is in Denver, Turner could breakout as the player he was touted as, coming out of OSU.

Nick Young, 27 years old, Shooting Guard

Nick Young hasn't been a Sixer long, but his name is Swaggy P, for goodness sake. He might not be as talented as the first three players on this list, but his swag is second to none.

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