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Remember This Guy: Moe Harkless

This...isn't goodbye forever...just goodbye for now.
This...isn't goodbye forever...just goodbye for now.

I've known a few Moes in my lifetime. Coach Mo Cheeks, for one. A guy whose point guard skills and floor generalship was overshadowed only by his tendency to end camp early. Then there was Mo from Nickelodeon's Guts; the dark-haired British beauty who had everything - including the official results. I also bought into Doug Moe's three-guard offense, and watched helplessly as the'92- '93 Sixers gave up 164 points per game. I also was fond of Mo, from Men on a Mission , who, like me, hated Johnny Polo and The Quebecers almost as much as we loved Mabel.

And then there is today's guest of honor.

We first met Moe Harkless in June. And, admittedly, we were kinda lukewarm in the beginning, standoffish even. We wanted someone taller, rangier. Someone with even more upside. Someone with Roman numerals in his name. But we came around. We had to. Moe seemed like a nice guy. He deserved more from us. How - pardon the expression here - could we be so... inconsiderate?

Name: Maurice (Moe) Harkless

Born: May 11th, 1993

College: St. John's

Internship: June '12 - August ‘12

Actual Moe-ism from a Few Days Ago: "Why wasn't high school like ‘saved by the bell'?"

If you put me on the spot, and asked me to rank my favorite Harkless moments; it would go something like this:

1) NBA Draft night

2) Game 1 of the Orlando Summer League against Indiana

3) The first half of the Orlando Summer League game against Utah

Moe Harkless wasn't a summer fling. Mike Sweeney was a summer fling. Trevor Ruffin was a fling. Harkless wasn't a draft day trade piece like Daquan Cook, but he wasn't a BJ Tyleresque one season wonder either. Harkless was on the Sixers for just under two months. He played exactly 1 ½ Orlando Summer League games. I went back and read every comment from those two Orlando Summer League game threads, and the only thing I learned is that I'm a huge loser, and the summer league TV package cost $14.99.

I'd like to think that those 1 ½ Orlando Summer League games become folklore here at LB. Twenty years from now, we will all claim to have been there.

"I paid the $14.99. Actually, it was a lot more than that. I think it cost $109.99. I'm a Sixers summer league die hard."

"Harkless threw one of Ben Hansbrough shots into Clearwater."

"Zack Rosen scored 42 against the Pacers, if I remember correctly. KJ Brophy, back me up here."

Soon, our only remnants of the small forward will be our memories. The only physical evidence that we will have to show, to put in our 76ers time capsule, will be some sweet "How Could You Be Moe Harkless" t-shirts that are packed up in a box underneath Jordan's bed and come in sizes small, medium, large, XL, and XXL and will probably be on the clearance rack any day now.

So today, let's remember Moe Harkless. They can take away our draft pick, but they can't take away our 2012 Orlando Summer League.

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