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Some Andrew Bymum-Themed Stats For Sixers Fans

Stank eye'd
Stank eye'd

I still can't believe the Sixers are acquiring Andrew Bynum. When healthy, he's the second best center in the NBA. When healthy AND engaged, he's capable of being the best center in the NBA. He helps the Sixers, both short-term and long-term. Below are some unbiased stats regarding Bynum's fit with the Sixers.

  1. The Lakers scored 105 points per 100 possessions, and allowed 103, with Bynum on the court.
  2. When Bynum was on the bench, they scored 106 and allowed 105.
  3. The Sixers attempted the least amount of shots 'at the rim', of any other team in the NBA.
  4. They averaged 21 per game.
  5. Andrew Bynum, alone, averaged 6.5.
  6. Thad was the highest Sixer, at 4.5.
  7. Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes averaged a combined 4.7 shot attempts at the rim.
  8. Andrew Bynum held opposing centers to a PER of 14.2 in 2012.
  9. Andrew Bynum's PER was 23.1
  10. A starting center's average PER is 18.2.
  11. The Sixers had the worst free throw rate in the NBA, in 2012.
  12. Andrew Bynum's free throw rate of 0.42 was tied for 12th in the NBA.
  13. The next closest Sixer was Louis Williams, at 0.37.
  14. Andrew Bynum's FTR in 2011 was 0.51.

The Sixers struggled offensively last season, especially when the defense ramped up, in the Playoffs. Their struggles were usually tied into a couple factors.

One, they took inefficient shots (long twos), as opposed to efficient shots (dunks and layups). While some think this was due to Coach Collins offensive philosophy -- he deserves some of the blame -- most of this can be attributed to the lack of personnel capable of getting to the rim. As you saw in the statistics above, getting to the rim is no problem for Andrew Bynum.

Hand-in-hand with the low amount of rim shots, comes the lack of free throws. Even with pump fake extraordinaire, Louis Williams, drawing fouls for days, the Sixers were dead last in free throw rate. No surprise, because rim shots breed free throws, but Bynum is also phenomenal at getting to the free throw line. He also converts at a very respectable rate for a big man -- close to 70 percent.

Watching a potentially dominant big man on the Sixers is going to be the pleasure of all pleasures, especially following a full season of Spencer Hawes. I feel like I just dumped my mediocre girlfriend, who can't make a layup to save her life, for Kate Upton. Only I pay my mediocre gets to stay and fill in when Kate needs a breather. Weird.

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