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Bynum/Dwight/Iguodala Trade Not Done, But First Rounder Protected

Pictures like this!
Pictures like this!

So while the trade hasn't been consummated yet (sex), Ken Berger of CBS Sports does have some insight as to the first round pick the Sixers were going to be sending to the Magic in the 4-team trade around Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, and Andre Iguodala. And it's protected!

The first-round pick going from the Sixers to Magic is lottery-protected for two years, top-11 protected in yr 3, top-8 protected in yr 4.

If Magic don't get a first from Philly by 2016, they get two second-round picks, league source said.

Okay! That's interesting. Partly because the pick the Sixers sent to Miami in the Arnett Moultrie trade has similar protection around it. But considering their current position, this won't worry me unless Drew decides not to sign a max here. It is highly likely that they'll make the playoffs this year (barring injury) and if he signs, we'll be playoff-bound for years anyway.

So while I love first round picks, there's a very good chance we won't have one in the next two drafts. Small price to pay for ANDREW BYNUM YOU GUYS. That is, if the deal goes through. Sources still say it's not done. I'm mildly concerned that someone will SIXERS this. It may not even be the Sixers who do it. But somebody's going to Sixers this whole thing and we'll have to pick up the pieces.

Also: we did a podcast last night - listen to it. Here's my thoughts on the trade from Tom Ziller at the big boy site. BYNUM.

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