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Orlando Summer League Game One: Sixers vs. Pacers Thread

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Getty Images

So here we go. Basketball once again. The Sixers will be without Arnett Moultrie with a sprained ankle but Moe Harkless will be playing and starting despite his hip flexor. As I said earlier, keep an eye out for the point guards. The two I care about (Jacob Pullen of K-State and Zack Rosen of Penn) will come off the bench against the Pacers.

PG - Clay Tucker
SG - Xavier Silas
SF - Moe Harkless
PF - Devin Searcy
C - Solomon Jones

I suppose Solomon could find a spot here but I'd guess he'd have more touches and opportunities elsewhere. Though maybe Doug would want him to take the Tony Battie Memorial bench spot. Tucker is 32 years old. Show me Terrence Jennings.

On the Pacers side of things, Dave is excited to watch Notre Dame alum and perennial little brother Ben Hansbrough ball. I'm more pumped about Purdue's Chris Kramer, Duke's Miles Plumlee, and Northeastern's Matty Janning. Random basketball for the win.

Thread it here and reminisce how much Lou used to dominate Summer League and the D-League. Also, 25-team Dwight Howard trade rumors.