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Sixers Summer League Mini-Preview

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As I'm currently watching Kyle O'Quinn and Jeff Foote rumble in Orlando at the Summer League's first game of the Magic vs. the Nets, it's a good time to get a quick little thing up about the Sixers before their game later this afternoon. There are, by my count, ten players currently on the Sixers roster for next season. That means there will be more than two players added to the team before October, potential Andre Iguodala trade notwithstanding.

Since the Sixers will have renounced Louis Williams and all his claims to the throne (sorry, GoT), there is no point guard on the roster outside of Jrue Holiday. That's the position you should be watching when the Sixers take the floor today. Jacob Pullen played in Italy last year but worked his college ball at Kansas State, where he stayed for four very solid, bearded years. Zack Rosen is a Penn kid so you pretty much know what skill set he possesses - smart, not terribly athletic or quick. I see him as a poor man's Scott Machado, who also went undrafted in late June.

I figure Xavier Silas will also get a roster spot here because of his time in Philly last season, but he's obviously not an ideal point guard so I'd guess one of Pullen/Rosen will make the team if they play well enough. Jon Scheyer is a dark horse for his shooting and goofy faces and Dayton's Chris Johnson can stroke it as well, although his face-making ability is underdeveloped. Terrence Jennings of Louisville is a guy I'm hoping makes the team. He's got a lot there if he can put it together. Jrue's brother Justin Holiday is also around for the week.

Bob Cooney tells us that Nikola Vucevic (foot), Moe Harkless (hip flexor), and Arnett Moultrie (out with ankle sprain) are all hurting so there will be PLENTY of time for guys to prove they deserve a spot on the team. And with spaces to be filled, these young guys should really take advantage of the opportunity. I'm just really pumped to overrate everyone's ability based on a few pickup games in Disneyworld.

Just a reminder that the Vegas Summer League starts Friday. The Sixers won't be in it, but Liberty Ballers will be. And you can be sure we'll be reporting.... something... next week when we're there wandering aimlessly.