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Sixers A Possible Destination For Kris Humphries, According To Report

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Alex Kennedy of Hoops World is reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers are a potential destination for Kris Humphries, in a three-team trade, which would send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn.

The Sixers have been rumored to be interested in Kris Humphries for a while, so this should come as no surprise. I don't mind Hump, as a player, and I think he'd be a good replacement for Elton Brand. However; I'm adamantly against signing non-stars to long deals, especially when a team doesn't already have a star in place i.e. the Sixers and Kris Humphries.

Not only would this deal be bad from a contract standpoint, but the Sixers would actually have to give up something, and then sign Humphries to a bad contract.

Depending on your stance on Kris Humphries on the Sixers, you may or may not be pleased to hear that the Cavs sound like the front-runner for Humphries services, according to Ken Berger, along with a few other sources.