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Ersan Ilyasova to Sign With Milwaukee Bucks

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A target of many an eye here is off the table. 25-year-old free agent power forward Ersan Ilyasova will remain with the Milwaukee Bucks, signing what is rumored to be a 5-year, $45 million deal. Actually not terrible considering Jeff Green got 4/40, but Ilyasova is coming off a career season and a regression is certainly possible.

Let's see what our friends at Brew Hoop have to say about it:

To think Ersan will be a serviceable stretch-PF is certainly reasonable, but $9M contracts aren't dished out for a player to be just serviceable. My favorite line on a potential Ersan signing has been "you could certainly do worse," but that's not something I particularly want to say about the player paid the most long-term cash on the Bucks. I repeat: Ersan Ilyasova is set to become the player with the largest long-term commitment on the Milwaukee Bucks.

Sound familarish?

Onto the Sixers, this makes Kris Humphries the most likely (and terrifying) free agent signee with that shiny new Elton Brand amnesty money. Although maybe they're still looking to get that power forward in an Andre Iguodala trade. Or maybe they'll go back in time, kidnap a 24-year-old Tim Duncan, clone him, put money on the Cubs winning the World Series, and sign him to a max deal. Any one of those are as likely as the last.