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Nick Young to the Sixers, Elton Brand Amnestied


Free agency just keeps on surprising! The Sixers have signed Nick Young to a one year, $6 million deal. First reported by Woj this morning, it's extremely surprising and came out of nowhere. BUT HOLY CRAP news that broke only a few minutes later (also Woj) is that the Sixers will amnesty Elton Brand and his $18M contract for next season. Obviously none of this happens until the July 11th moratorium breaks, but this is the dish, so we best process it.

The Elton amnesty comes out of nowhere. I really, REALLY didn't think they were going to do that. Because Doug Collins was hesitant to even bench him in the playoffs when he was hurt and playing really poorly, I figured he'd had too much respect to Gilbert Arenas him out of town. Guess not! Other teams will be able to bid on Old School Chevy and the Sixers will pay the difference on that bid. Elton was a good dude -- he'll be missed on LB and on the Sixers. Wondering how he's going to take this.

On to Nick Young. ONE YEAR! I'm thrilled. This *likely* means they aren't going to sign Louis Williams because Nick (AKA Swaggy P -- get used to it) has enough poor shot selection to cover the whole team. But seriously - at one year and 6 million dollars - IN THIS MARKET?! - I'm absolutely pumped. Nothing bad can come of this. Only hilarity at Young's postgame attire. He also fills a glaring need, which doesn't quite matter to me as much, but it'll be interesting to see where Doug Collins puts him on the depth chart. Between Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner? ANDRE IGUODALA TRADE?!

Who knows. Sixers, I'm tentatively patting you on the back. If a horrendous, long-term deal to Kris Humphries follows, you're gonna get spanked.

Also: If the Sixers sign Sam Young again, WE WILL HAVE ALL THE YOUNGS.

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