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Some Andre Iguodala to Raptors and Wolves Rumors That Won't Happen

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Cop a feel, DeMar.
Cop a feel, DeMar.

Just because these are the first Andre Iguodala trade rumors that have been buzzed about, I figure I'd report them. At the very least, it should take our collective frustrations off the Spencer Hawes deal. There are two vague rumors about Dre. One with some tangible players switching sides from the Sixers and Toronto Raptors, and another mentioning a phone call or email or raven sent to Minnesota. Let's get to it.

From TSN's Canadian Person Aaron Bronsteter there are some "unconfirmed rumblings" that Toronto has offered the expiring contract of Jose Calderon, Ed Davis, and DeMar DeRozan (both 23 at the start of next season) in exchange for Andre Iguodala and Nikola Vucevic. Calderon would be lovely behind Jrue Holiday for a season and not hurt the cap in any way. Davis regressed a bit in his second season as a pro, but can still rebound the ball at both ends and play a little bit of D.

DeRozan is a different story. Didn't like him out of school (USC), warmed on him after his rookie year, but as his usage has gone up, his efficiency has gone down. He shot a mostly-empty 42.2% from the field last season, failing to find an outside shot to supplement his pretty solid midrange game. He doesn't rebound, doesn't pass, and so far, hasn't defended. That's a lot of "doesn't's", which is concerning, even though he's still currently 22. He wouldn't "fit" with Jrue or Evan Turner either.

My initial reaction was of the DO IT PLEASE variety, mostly because I don't know that they'll be able to get any better offers and at the very least, you pick up a guy who I feel like could be a starting 4 on a legitimate club. Plus, the deal would make them worse in the short term and get a few more lotto picks in town. But a few Twitter conversations later, and the DeRozan regressions are more concerning, and I'm hoping they at least find a way to get a first rounder in return for Dre.

Another thought that drifted around the Twitters was from Minnesota ESPN guy Darren Wolfson who heard that the Sixers have engaged in some talkies with superfreak David Kahn about moving Iguodala. This is "recently", so despite the Hawes Tragedy, it looks like the Sixers are still in the market for moving him.

Off-limits players for Minnesota include Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and maybe even Nikola Pekovic. I'm not sure who the Sixers would target. Derrick Williams is really similar to Thaddeus Young and Moe Harkless in that he's athletic and can't shoot. He'd also join Evan Turner in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Number Two Picks Club. Wes Johnson has been awful. Wayne Ellington has disappointed. Chase Budinger? DARKO? Idk. I'd sure as hell take some picks though.

From yosoysean, a fantasy trade scenario would be moving Andre to Cleveland for two 1st's and some expirings. At the very least, watching him with a lineup of Kyrie/Waiters/Tristan/Zeller would be awesome.