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"It's a Philly Thing." Maalik Wayns Signs With Sixers

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Crazy eyes. Also, baaaaaah.
Crazy eyes. Also, baaaaaah.

All hail the Philadelphia discount. After drafting Pennsbury/Temple's Lavoy Allen with their second round pick last year, reports are coming in that the Sixers have signed Roman Catholic/Villanova product Maalik Wayns to a similar Brotherly deal. The poorly-spelled Wayns played three years under Jay Wright's disappointing Wildcats teams, topping out at 17.6 points per game on 41.4% shooting his junior season.

Just like Lavoy, Wayns' deal is unguaranteed and contingent on him actually making the team. He'll receive the rookie minimum then I believe become a free agent next offseason. It doesn't look like they have option years on him if he somehow has a good season. If that's the case, I'm pretty blown away that the Sixers didn't learn from their mistake of last year and having to give Lavoy another contract. Or maybe this is a different thing since he went undrafted? I'm not sure.

Wayns was bad at Nova. A career 41.2% from the field and 29.1% from beyond without much point guard ability, the only nice thing I can say about Maalik is that he's fast. I don't think he's making this team. I would've rather had Jacob Pullen. But some of you are undoubtedly going to say something along the lines of "LOOK WHAT HAPPENED WITH LAVOY!" and call me names, which is fine, because we've eaten plenty of crow for the Lavoy reaction over the year. There's no risk with Wayns, there's just also no way he contributes positively even if he does make this team. So whatever. Though Twitter told me he was good at the Orlando Summer League even though he still can't shoot.

Onto more important things, like how he spells his name. Come on, dude. Why two A's? Are you a sheep? And where's the E or the A in your last name? You can't just pick off letters from your first and last name and switch them with complete disregard for writers. Otherwise I'd go by Meve Likin. Spike suggested a switch of the A to the last name so he becomes a Wayans brother, which I would like much better. Let's make that happen.

Anyway, let's all root for Sheep Wayans to make the team and oust Royal Ivey as resident numb butt of the Night Shift.