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Sixers Offseason Something Happen Oh, Olympics? Thread

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We interrupt the lack of Sixers news with absolutely no news of any kind. There is nothing to report. I'm actually not even sure if the Sixers exist anymore. The offseason is always tough on the writing/discussion front once free agency dies down, but this one feels especially sloggy. I suppose we should be thankful for it not being a lockout and all, but I could really do with some news or rumors or breaking sneaker news or something.

But the Olympics are on, which is cool, even though us west coasters get a tape delay of the tape delay, so by the time we're actually watching the Olympics, it's already like 2014 or so. (Semi-believable dialogue from Dave's bedroom, 1996: "Hey Ma, Kerri Strug sure can cook. I don't want to see The Birdcage again, can't we just walk around Modell's?") I've only been able to watch a few bits of US Basketball so far. How's Dre looking? Nice? Do his muscles look good from the back? Also, I have a pretty lengthy stand-up routine about synchronized diving if we're ever sharing a beer together and you've got the time.

Tom Penn is still not the GM of the Sixers. Neither am I. I'd like them to make one of them official sooner rather than later.

How's everything with you? The Phillies sure are floundering, eh? I haven't begun to try to make my body care about the Eagles yet. Should probably get on that, though the Riley Cooper news is disheartening. Any good movies lately? I'd recommend Ruby Sparks, for what it's worth. Anybody make any good dinners? I had scallops with bacon last night. Big meat fan here, as the other LB boys and Jordan's mother will attest.

Oh and if you have any suggestions or criticisms for the site, just throw them out there. I believe a good place to start would be my passionate negativity or jefu's troll call. Do you want to read "Sixers As Juices" posts? We'll probably get to some player profiles someday. Until then, we're just fish-out-of-watering it.

I'm just making conversation. Kwame Brown? That seemed to work last time. Living the offseason blog life dream. Zappos dot com, where you can't handle the Jruth.