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NBA Free Agency: Atlantic Division Adds Joe Johnson, Reggie Evans, and Jason Terry

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Sideways Reggie is the best kind of Reggie.
Sideways Reggie is the best kind of Reggie.

Depending on what happens with the Andre Iguodala trade and I suppose in free agency, the Sixers could very well spend the 2012-13 season in the cellar in the Atlantic Division. Each team should be as good if not better than they were last year and the Sixers (with our blessing) seem to be going the other direction. Let's just round it up here.

The immovable Joe Johnson was moved to the Nets in exchange for literally a pile of rat turds and a first round pick. Billy King himself is messengering the rat turds to Atlanta. With JJ in tow, Gerald Wallace signed, and a Deron Williams contract seemingly on the way, the Nets are locked up to a very interesting team. A healthy and less-bad Brook Lopez will have a tough time inside, but no fear! Because Ol' Billy has worked more magic. Also, Kudos to non-Sixers GM Danny Ferry for finally shooting these Hawks in the face and starting over.

Executing a SIGN AND TRADE with the Clippers for Reggie Evans (pause for vomiting), the Nets will use their $3M exception to bring in the bearded liability. The Nets have to give up a distant second round pick, but by the time the Clippers stop laughing their asses off, all second round picks will have been converted to Lima beans. They also signed Mirza Teletovic, friend from Bosnia, to their full MLE. The Nets, though drunk off their face, are going to be better in Brooklyn.

More news about old people: Jason Terry seems to have agreed to a contract with the officially extinct-not-extinct Boston Celtics to the tune of 3 years, worth $5M per year with their mid-level exception. It seems like Danny Ainge isn't ready to rip the band-aid. There's even talk of them bringing Ray Allen back again. Hey maybe they want Walter McCarty! Or Vitaly Potapenko! Or Vin Baker!

Finally, the Raptors have cock-blocked the Knicks on two fronts. One, by signing Landry Fields to a 3 year, $20 million offer sheet. The Knicks have 3 days to match that ridiculous contract. Two, that eliminates the possibility of a sign-and-trade with the Knicks and Suns, something that was rumored to be able to bring Steve Nash to NYC. There is still a possibility Toronto gets Nash as well. Way to go, Raps. I don't really know why you need to sign another wing with DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross, James Johnson, and Linas Kleiza around but okay!

Update on the Sixers: Happily doing nothing right now. Silent Thunder. Waiting in the wind. Solitaire all day. Minesweeper, even. Somebody wake Rod, he fell asleep again.