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2012-13 Sixers Schedule Revealed, They Play Everyone!

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I find it exceedingly difficult to get excited about the NBA schedule being released because, unlike football, everybody plays everybody in basketball (also unlike football, the ball is round). But anyway, some people are pumped to see when our old friends are returning so let's have a peek. Looks like 4 ESPN games, 3 TNT games, and a whopping ZERO ABC games. Surprised? Must be the Royal Ivey factor.

We kick off the season against Sixers West, AKA the Denver Nuggets, at home on Halloween. Then a home-and-home with our Knickerbocker pals for games 2 and 3. The Sixers play 10 of their first 15 games at home and the competition isn't exactly stellar, so that should bode well for another fast start to the season and prolonged Spencer Hawes / Kwame Brown frontcourt high fives.

Things get a bit steamier come the holidays, when the Sixers have an 8-game road trip that takes them all across this great nation from 12/23 until 1/5, ending in a back-to-back with Oklahoma City and San Antonio. Woo!

Old Friends Visiting

November 27, 2012 - The Return of Elton Brand: Old School Chevy rumbles into the station with his Mavericks over Thanksgiving. I'm expecting him to drop a cool 18 and 10 on the Sixers, laughing throughout as Hawes tries his darndest to stay in front of him without using any of his flailing limbs. By this point, Evan Turner should be back on the bench.

December 21, 2012 - The Return of Lou Williams: OMG. So a cursory glance at the surrounding road trip means that this will likely be the game we have our inaugural LB meet up when I'm back on the East Coast for the holidays. Seems like that's the only day that makes sense. Wow. Perfect. Lou. Boss. More on that later, but for now, I can only hope Boss takes 823 shots. We should make Boss heads or something. Like Peja heads, only Bossier.

(I really hope Jodie Meeks signs somewhere soon. Orestes <3) (Also Brackins. I don't think he made the Celtics) (Anybody know where Primoz is?) (Frozone?)

Other Things

-- They always seem to end the season against the Central Division. Is it a rule that Indiana and Detroit have to see the Sixers in late April every year? It is?

-- The LA Clippers host the Sixers on March 20th. It's a Wednesday. 7:30 Pacific. I'm gonna try to make that one, guys.

-- 82 games is a lot of games.