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Andre Iguodala's Role on Team USA

This would be a sick starting 5. Holy hell.
This would be a sick starting 5. Holy hell.

We all know that the post-Allen Iverson years were a mess. Andre Iguodala was never up to becoming the franchise player the Sixers tried to make him become and the team has been blindingly mediocre in the years after trading AI. But most of us at least realize that Iguodala is a fantastic basketball player and would fit beautifully as any team's second-best player.

Enter: Team USA. He's probably the last offensive option on the team outside of Tyson Chandler and Anthony Davis. All he'll be asked to do is be his awesome self. And that'll be, uh, awesome. Writes SB Nation's Mike Prada after meanly reminding us of the post-Iverson SO SIXERS run that pulled them out of the Oden/Durant sweepstakes:

That means that Team USA is our only real chance to watch Iguodala in his ideal role. Finally, he'll be appreciated for his unique strengths instead of denigrated for his weaknesses. He will be the much-needed role player on a great team instead of being the incomplete star player on a mediocre team. He can be the unsung hero that the coach loves instead of the limited star that the coach hates.

I don't think any of us will argue that this is the perfect place for Dre to succeed. But as Derek and I pointed out on ze Twitters, that "miscast superstar" hasn't been the case for a few years. Though he's still getting paid like one (deservedly so), Andre took just 10.2 shots last year, good for 4th on the team. And no, most of those shots were not fadeaways off the dribble. He's averaged more than 15 shots per game just one season in his 8 year career.

Just because he's the best player on the Sixers doesn't mean he's a miscast superstar anymore. It just means the Sixers don't have enough talent surrounding him to be a good basketball team. That's not on Andre.

Either way, I'm very excited to see him kick ass on a national stage. Then hopefully get traded. :)