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Tom Penn 'Serious Candidate' For Sixers GM Job, According To Report

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According to Ken Berger, of CBS Sports, Tom Penn is a serious candidate to become the General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Penn was supposedly hanging out with Sixers owner, Josh Harris, in Vegas, and interviewed for the job recently. Penn's previous employers include: the Memphis Grizzlies, the Portland Trail Blazers and, most recently, ESPN. You may remember seeing him on ESPN, during the draft coverage, busting out Synergy screenshots on the TelePrompTer.

Penn's never been a GM, but worked closely with Kevin Pritchard – once thought to be a basketball genius – in Portland. He was offered the T'Wolves GM job in 2009, but declined. He also has a background in advanced stats, law, and the CBA.

Because he's never been a general manager, there's not a whole lot to evaluate, but he has worked with terrific basketball minds (Jerry West in Memphis) in the past, and seems like a smart, savvy guy.

This is interesting, to say the least.