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Sixers Offseason Open Thread

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Today's a horrible day and I'm not feeling up to writing anything. For me it's especially necessary in times like these to retreat to basketball. But it's also a reminder that it just doesn't matter that much. So please, please, please be nice to each other. There's a lot of sad people in this world and I don't want you to be one of them.

So just talk about basketball to get your mind off things. The Sixers will probably sign one more guy to the roster though I doubt it'll happen until after training camp. Who knows. I think it'll be Justin Holiday, though a health-dependent argument could be made for the incumbent Xavier Silas. They sure are more set at forward than guard. Maybe Jacob Pullen is a dark horse? Discuss.

The topic was broached in yesterday's thread, but I'm of the opinion that Evan Turner will eventually be benched for Dorell Wright (or Nick Young, though likely Wright) because of floor spacing and impending efficiency issues. If the team stumbles out of the gate, as I think they will, it will likely be Evan that's the first to move out of the lineup rather than Kwame Brown or Spencer Hawes. Collins has been more forgiving with his veteran big men so far in Philly, as evidenced by keeping Elton Brand (and to some extent, Hawes) on the court despite periods of poor play.

Also throw out some season predictions while you're at it. May as well get that ball rolling too. Let's not let this devolve into an argument about politics or gun violence. Just basketball. It's simpler and much less sad.