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Sixers Free Agency 2012: Team Interested In Devin Ebanks, According To Report

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"This little piggy went to the market."
"This little piggy went to the market."

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World is reporting that the Sixers are one of five teams who have shown interest in Lakers restricted free agent, Devin Ebanks.

Upon hearing of this perceived interest, the first question I asked myself – which happens to be the question I often find myself asking, as a long-time Sixers blogger – is why? Devin Ebanks is an athletic wing, who "can't" shoot. The Sixers already have a few of those guys – Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, and Moe Harkless. In fact, Ebanks and Harkless are so similar, that Draft Express labeled Harkless's 'worst case' as – you guessed it – Devin Ebanks.

If you read the tweets and/or rumors, the Sixers are interested in every NBA player and former NBA player not currently on a roster. I believe Chad Ford tweeted earlier that Rod Thorn still liked Jamal Mashburn's upside. Also, the Sixers rarely make sense, so it's hard to make sense of a team that doesn't normally make sense. But give them a dollar, and they'll make cents – just not "basketball sense".

Anyway, let's look briefly at Ebanks.

Ebanks had a super-productive rookie season for the Lakers – in very limited time – but performed miserably last season. His career PER of 10.9, true shooting percentage of .480, and three-point percentage of .143 are pretty terrible. But he's a capable defender, and has a lengthy wingspan! So, there's that.

I guess the thing to like about this rumor is, Ebanks is young. If the Sixers are going to sign guys in free agency, I'd much rather them take a flier on a guy like Ebanks, than break the bank and/or sign proven-worthless veterans, like Jamal Crawford or Jared Jeffries.

If the writing wasn't already on the wall for Andre Iguodala, Rod Thorn just grabbed his favorite-colored Crayon, Periwinkle.