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NBA Draft Time Turner: If Not Arnett Moultrie, Who at 27?

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He makes some goofy faces.
He makes some goofy faces.

A few days ago, I asked you to turn back the clock and re-draft for the Sixers at 15. The poll results came in with Perry Jones III (30%) leading the pack followed by the xenophobes choice of Moe Harkless (24%) then Jared Sullinger with 16%, and Tyler Zeller and Terrence Jones at 9%. One person voted for Quincy Miller - thanks!

So I'd like to try the same experiment with the Sixers second draftee, Arnett Moultrie. Now this is a dude the Sixers brass clearly liked, considering they gave themselves blue balls passing on him at 15. There was nobody else they would have traded up for, so everything about this is a thought exercise. But some of us were higher than Moultrie than others, even though mostly everyone agrees he was great value that late in the first round. Let's assume that, in the Liberty Ballers Front Office, we drafted Perry Jones III at 15 and made the same trade with Miami to move into the 27th pick.

I suppose your philosophical stance on where the Sixers are as a franchise will dictate how you use the 27th pick. If you think they should draft for need, you think they're closer to contending. If you just want the best player available, it's more likely that you don't think this team is anywhere close to a championship. I'm guessing LB skews towards the latter, but we'll see. Potential and need can't be quantified by a numerical scale so I'm just looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say.

Vote and explain below!