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Sixers Got Andre Iguodala Trade Calls, Moe Harkless to D-League?

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We had been operating under the assumption that Andre Iguodala was going to be traded this offseason. It was a strong assumption based on things we'd been hearing from a few sources. Then things changed, plans evolved, and it looks like all those "DEFINITELY GONNA TRADE HIM" whispers were hushed. But that doesn't mean teams aren't interested in Iguodala.

Here's two quotes from Doug Collins pulled by the infectious Tom Moore.

The phone was ringing off the hook. Everybody wanted 'Dre. We've already been offered a ton for Moe Harkless.

When we drafted Maurice Harkless, it’s like, ‘OK. 1 and 1 is 2. ’Dre is gone.’ No, no, no. We’ve got a young guy there.

Obviously they aren't going to divulge what sorts of offers they were getting so we can only speculate about what was rumored. If it was the Jose Calderon, Ed Davis, and 8th pick rumor from the Raptors (and Ed Stefanski) and they didn't do it, consider me toasty. But since they weren't floored by any deal, they didn't do one. Didn't fit their plan.

The Harkless bit is more interesting because of what I think they're about to do with him.

Whether they see him as a 3 or a 4, both spots are pretty crowded going into this season. I also think they like Justin Holiday enough to sign him. With the Royal Ivey signing, that makes 13 players. It may come down to a decision between Holiday and Xavier Silas, who we haven't heard anything about since he went down with a scary head injury. They're not going to keep 15 players (14 is more likely) so I'm guessing it'll just be Holiday.

In terms of backing up Andre, Nick Young, Dorell Wright, and Evan Turner, the Sixers won't necessarily want Harkless for 5 minutes per. I'm betting they'll keep him around for the first few weeks, let him practice with the team, then send his ass down to the D-League to get minutes and refine his game. I can't say I would disagree with that decision if the alternative is a whole bunch of DNPCD's and bench rash. But obviously I'd prefer not to have anyone blocking him and just throw him into the fire right away.

So if they send Harkless to the D-League, his upside would seem to be limited. Just to rattle off a few names, Avery Bradley, Byron Mullins, Brandon Bass, Reggie Williams, Danny Green, and LOUIS WILLIAMS are the best players who have recently played in the D-League. None of them are anything more than role players and I'm hoping for more out of Moe. That's obviously not saying he can't become better, there just hasn't been a precedent set for a really, really good player going to the D-League.

From his second quote, Collins seems to be indicating (as others have) that it'll take Harkless a while to get where he'll be able to play major minutes. Years, even. This saddens me.

At this point I kind of just want them to trade Andre for anything that involves a pick coming back and not taking on a contract more than 2 years. It won't happen, but that's what I feel is best for the team long-term. Short term they'd suck enough to get into the top 10 come draft night. But I don't matter, and that's not their plan.

Looking forward to getting my Sioux Falls Skyforce Moe Harkless jersey!