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Liberty Ballers Talks With Justin Holiday About Sixers, Jrue Holiday

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An hour after Mike and I had a ten minute sit-down with Ed Stefanski, we ventured into the tunnel at the Thomas and Mack Center, immediately following the Cavs loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. We hung out outside the locker room with a bunch of reporters, as a Cavs official went around asking which players everyone wanted to speak with. There were about 15 requests for Waiters, one request for Luke Harangody (it wasn't Dave), while Mike and I asked for Justin Holiday.

While we waited, we talked about things like: whether or not we should call him Jrue, his reaction to the Cavs official telling him that a reporter wanted to talk to him, and how badly we were going to beat Truehoop in the pick-up basketball game. A few minutes later, Justin emerged with a smile on his face, and spoke to us for a few minutes. No surprise – but he was a nice kid, and pretty well-spoken. Mama and Papa Holiday raised some "sweet" boys, apparently.

Mike asked him some basketball-related questions before we started talking about his relationship with Jrue, when I snuck in my patented "who does better with the ladies" question. All in all, it was an enjoyable couple minutes for everyone involved, and Justin gave Mike dap – in passing – the following day. I believe he called him "baby".

Make the jump for the interview.

On a roster spot with the Sixers

I haven't heard anything, personally. I don't know who my agent has talked to, or what he's gotten done. I'm just going to play basketball, and I guess they'll let me know later.

What he can add to the Sixers

I can add a stopper at the defensive end. At the end of the day, everybody can score, but I play defense pretty well – not just being a defensive stopper, but being able to help guys, and being able to talk at the defensive end.

On playing in Belgium

It was a good experience, as far as maturing. They had pretty good sea food – their shrimp was really good – but I don't compare it to shrimp in the South.

On one-on-one games with Jrue

We never finished a game – we always ended up fighting, and stopped. We haven't played in a while, but now that we're older, we may play with more guys – like one on one on one. Between me and him, we haven't done that battle in a while – Jrue gets to fouling. Then the ball leaves, and we're done.

Justin and Jrue on the same team

I'd love to be on the team with him. Me and Jrue on the same team would be crazy – in high school, no one could handle us.

Who does better with the ladies, him or Jrue

We're both taken, so it doesn't really matter now.

On extracurricular Vegas activities

No, not me – I'm just here to play basketball.

On the nickname "The Jruth"

I say Jrue should just take it, and be grateful of the nickname. The only nickname I've ever had is 'Holla' – short for Holiday. I think they call Jrue the same thing.

On potential Jr. Holiday and Ju. Holiday jerseys

I'd rather just have the J – don't put the U there. Jrue can have the R, but just give me the J.

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