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Sixers Sign Royal Ivey for Reunion Tour, Championship

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The Sixers last need of the offseason was a point guard to backup incumbent Jrue Holiday and they filled it today with a familiar face. It'll be free agent Royal Ivey, as Tom Moore tells us, in his return to the Sixers after a few stops at Oklahoma City and Milwaukee. The 6'4 guard from Texas averaged a busty 2.1 points and 0.3 assists last year behind Russell Westbrook and Derek Fisher.

As you can imagine, this is a huge move for the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Ivey immediately gives us a huge defensive and scoring threat from the bench to add to Nick Young and Thaddeus Young. He excelled with the Sixers in his last run before they sadly traded him and Primoz Brezec for Jodie Meeks and Frozone. Frozone was great, but he was no Royal. The upside of this move is through the roof, and I'm anticipating big things from Royal off the bench this season.

The Atlantic Division definitely got better this offseason, but with the Sixers acquisitions of proven talent like Royal Ivey and Kwame Brown, they are absolutely the favorites to win the division, and maybe the East. Yeah, the Heat are pretty good. But who do they have to stop Kwame? Who stops Hawes? Royal? I just don't think anybody can contend with that.

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