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On Nick Young and The Importance of Sneaker Game

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Swaggy P in some custom Kobe's.
Swaggy P in some custom Kobe's.

Proposition Joe on the greatest show of all-time, "The Wire", once told Avon Barksdale that you gotta look the part to be the part. Since every other philosophy I live by come from television shows, movies or Chris Brown slow-jams, Prop Joe's words became part of my everyday lifestyle. If you want to be a circus clown, your best bet is to put on a rainbow afro, tons of face paint, and some baggy polka dot pants (which, oddly enough, can be found in Jordan's closet next to his Jesus Shuttleworth tee). If you want to be fresh, you better make sure your outfit is swagged out (yep, I used it). Two examples is probably enough for you to get the picture I'm trying to paint.

The Sixers have been lacking in the Swag department ever since Allen Iverson departed from the team. You could always rely on the Answer to come out with a fresh new pair of his signature Reeboks (see the Questions or the iconic Answer IVs). Once he got shipped off to Denver, the Sixers never replaced his sense of style on the court.... until now.

On a very busy day when we learned neither Elton Brand or Louis Williams would be returning to the roster, news broke that the Sixers struck a deal to bring Nick "Swaggy P" Young to Philadelphia. With that addition alone, the Sixers' shoe game went from nothing to "swagga on a hundred, thousand, trillion".

Young recently won's "Kicks On Court" Championship belt for the display he put on with the Wizards and Clippers this past season. So with a title defense fresh on his mind, what possible shoes could we see Swaggy P sport this season with the Sixers?

For the two of you who might actually care, find out after the jump.

1. Jordan III 'True Blue'

Young has always been known to rock a nice of pair of Jordan's from time to time (not during the lockout, though) and what better want to come to Philadelphia than rocking this classic style that just retro released in June 2011.

2. Jordan VI 'Olympic"

In the spirit of this summer's Olympic Games, Swaggy P could get his patriotism (Hacksaw Jim Dugan) on with this recently dropped set of Jordan's. After every jumper he hits, he'll get in the defender's face and say "Murica". At least that's how it always plays out in my head.

3. Jordan XI 'Playoffs'

Sure to cause riots and massive amounts of wet-willies like last year's Concords, the Jordan XI 'Playoffs' will drop right before Christmas and are all but guaranteed to be one of the most popular wears this upcoming season. Expect Swaggy P to sport these early on at away games.

4. Nike Air Foamposite 'Royal'

Part of the reason Nick won the Kicks On Court award was because of his use of some of the most-hyped shoes of the past year in the Foams (last season with the Clippers). Don't say I didn't warn you if he comes out of the tunnel during the home opener rocking these. I've checked with the Golden Nugget in Vegas and they're setting the odds at 3/2 of this happening. Get your bets in!

5. Sleeper Pick! Reebok Answer IV

In what would shock the world (yes, the world) I'm calling my shot and informing all one of you who even read this far that Swaggy P will be the first Sixer to rock a pair of the Answer series on the Sixers since that guy named Allen. With the rumored re-release (that sounds repetitive, no?) of the most iconic shoe Reebok may have ever produced, Young won't miss his chance on sporting a classic.

Am I way too excited about having Nick Young on the Sixers for zero basketball reasons whatsoever? That's your call (the answer is absolutely, though). What kind of sneaks do you think Swaggy P should look fly in this season? Do you even care?