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Vegas Summer League: The LB Folks Played Some Basketball

Picture from LJ Rotter/Mavs Moneyball/blogger basketball enthusiast.
Picture from LJ Rotter/Mavs Moneyball/blogger basketball enthusiast.

"We need to double team that Tanner kid."

"We already are."

-Dialogue between two members of the True Hoop team during a 4th quarter, twenty-second timeout.

In front of a sellout crowd of four - and an elderly couple playing badminton - the SB Nation hoops team defeated True Hoop 58-54 in an early morning tip-off at the UNLV athletic and recreation center. The SB Nation roster was littered with members of Liberty Ballers (and player/coach Seth Pollack from Bright Side of the Sun, wingspan specialist Scott Schroeder from Ridiculous Upside and everywhere else, and young man Conrad Kaczmarek from Fear the Sword), including game MVP, Tanner Steidel, who torched True Hoop to the tune of 22 points (10-17 from the floor) and 13 boards. Tanner wasn't just the best player on the floor today. Tanner was the best player in the state of Nevada.

"The shot was just falling. My teammates did a great job of finding me early. It was good they have that confidence in me, you know?"

More quotes and player analysis after the jump.

Mike Levin

Holy Evan Turner, Batman. On the car ride over, Mike claimed he wasn't "going to shoot" and "defer to his teammates." Mike scored twelve points on 4-17 shooting (and a Bo Outlaw-like 4-11 from the line). 4-17. Seems like an interesting interpretation of the word, 'defer.' On the plus side, Mike crashed the glass like a young Moses Malone. Mike ripped down 13 - although it's worth noting that there are conflicting reports that ten of the thirteen were uncontested floor boards.

Mike has been agonizing over the game since this morning. The phrase, "so many missed lay-ups" has been uttered over and over. Mike proved to be an equal-opportunity BOSS, however; missing lay-ups, foul shots, contested jumpers, and turnaround fadeaways from the elbow.

"Make sure you mention my five steals, Dave."

Noted, Mike.

FG: 4-17, 12 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 steals, 1 block, 3 turnovers, 4 fouls.

Jordan Sams

First off, Jordan doesn't give you a lay-up after missing a jumper during shoot around. His lack of awareness in that department is alarming. He instead grabs the board and shoots a half-court shot at the OTHER basket. He also implemented a one man full-court press despite Mike's pleas to get back.

"Jordan Sams isn't meant to be caged," said guard, Jordan Sams.

Jordan pumped in seven, including a three pointer, but took 11 shots to do so. The official stat sheet we received had Jordan recording just one assist and four turnovers, but Jordan filled his Lou Williams role nicely. He was the first man off the bench and often ignited a stagnant second-unit (Mind you, we only had seven players so the term, 'second-unit' is used loosely). He is definitely well-conditioned, though. Today's game fell on day three of a juice cleanse and carb cycle, so I never saw Jordan tugging at his shorts.

Also of note was the 24-second shot clock. Our plan to take the air out of the ball and run a Princeton offense was quickly derailed. We got rung up for two or three shot clock violations, as our bench coach, Aaron McKie - who was wearing a nice pair of khaki shorts - forgot to give us the ten-second warning.

FG: 2-11, 7 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 4 turnovers, 1 foul.

Tanner Steidel

Obvi. Tanner was also asked to play for the D-League Select Team, but declined due to contractual obligations with the SB Nation traveling all-stars.

FG: 10-17, 22 points, 13 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 1 block, 2 turnovers, 3 fouls.


I knocked down an early three from the corner and gave my Hacksaw Jim Duggan thumbs up for the adoring fans, but after that, yeah, not much of note. I finished 1/1 from behind the arc and missed all six lay-up attempts. 3 points, 1-7 from the floor, *fart noise*. I did grab six rebounds, which isn't too bad for a guy who is 5'6" and has slept just five hours since Friday.

FG: 1-7, 3 (huge) points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 3 turnovers.

Stats and Observations

-Jordan, Mike, and I shot a combined 7-35 from the floor and with every clank, we could hear Yosoysean berating us in the game thread.

-Mike opted for two pieces of lettuce instead of a bun for his cheeseburger. "It's healthier." He then licked the cheddar cheese off my wrapper.

-We got called for a three seconds in the lane violation and like five illegal screens. Let the kids play, baby.

Play(s) of the Day

-Tanner jumped out on a three point attempt, blocked it, and took it coast-to-coast for a lay-up. He also converted a huge hoop and the harm to give SB Nation the lead for good.

-Mike grabbed a huge offensive rebound off a missed foul shot and converted for two. Big pull. Big spot in the game.

On Tap for Tonight

There have been rumors of karaoke.

"I'm feeling Usher tonight." - Everyone

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