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Mavs pick up an old school chevy for their journey, claim Elton Brand

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The Dallas Mavericks submitted the winning bid for Elton Brand, claiming him off amnesty waivers for a pedestrian $2.1 million this afternoon according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

While this doesn't have any impact on the 76ers cap situation, it means that Joshua Harris and the rest of the 76ers owners will be on the hook for the remainder of Brand's $18+ million contract this season. The winning bid was probably less than they were expecting for Brand, leaving them paying ~$16 million for a player who won't contribute a minute for the team next year.

Brand will join newly acquired Chris Kaman and Dirk Nowitzki in the Dallas front court, replacing the recently departed Brendan Haywood (amnesty) and Ian Mahinmi (trade).

Obviously, the Elton Brand era didn't go as expected, but Elton "Sugar Bear Old School Chevy" Brand was a true professional, and a joy to cover and watch. It's a shame we got him on the wrong end of his career, but I wish him all the best in Dallas.