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Xavier Silas Suffers Possible Skull Fracture

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I didn't see it, but news of a head injury for Xavier Silas is traveling around Twitter pretty fast. Reported by Brian Levy, the worry is that it could be a skull fracture. Those kinds of injury are much, much more than basketball and the hope is that long-term damage can be avoided. If this is the case, needless to say he'd be done for the season.

From everything I've heard, Xavier is a great kid who just works his ass off to make the NBA. He was sort of the captain of this Summer League team and it's terrible if it's this serious. X was likely going to make the team as a backup guard, but now that's obviously in jeopardy.

Bobcats' Eduardo Najera had a similar injury earlier this year after taking an elbow from Jon Brockman. He had surgery to repair it and is currently recovering, but the dangers of operating on the skull are quite strong. I don't know much about it, but keep Xavier in your prayers and here's hoping it's not as serious as originally thought.

Edit by Derek

Not much information, but according to a tweet from Evan Turner, Turner has gotten off the phone with Silas and he appears to be alright, although not much in the way of medical information has been given as an update.

Also, the video of the Silas injury has been posted on the main SB Nation site, so give it a watch if you're so inclined. It's not quite as vicious as one would expect from the description of the injury.