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Collins Wants Spencer Hawes at Power Forward, Offered Lou Four Years


Well, here's something ridiculous. Bob Cooney tweeted a few doozies from Doug Collins. I'm just going to put them here without any more ledes.

So this is distressing. I know the end goal for some of us is to lose this season and hold onto the lotto pick next season instead of giving it to Miami, but if it's not a cognizant choice, then I have less faith they'll make the right decisions with those assets. Starting Spencer Hawes at the 4 would be an abomination if they're trying to win games, which they are.

Derek tweeted that Hawes has "defended the 4 for exactly 0 minutes last year." The only time he did in his career was for one lineup in 2008-09 with Sacramento. Defensively, this would be atrocious. Nothing less. They'll sign somebody like Brendan Haywood, who is pretty worthless, and won't trade Andre Iguodala. A lineup of Jrue/Wright/Iguodala/Hawes/Haywood is disgusting, finishes 9th or 10th in the East and doesn't develop the young guys how they should.

Just imagine someone even more lumbering than Hawes on the court with him. This is terrible even if we pretend like we want them to win games this year. I don't understand anything anymore. They ping-pong back and forth between logic and insanity with such regularity that I'm consistently pulling myself both ways on the team.

And the news that they offered Lou a 4-year contract is even more terrible. Sure, he got less on the market, but even the act of offering him those years is a direct affront to everything they've been saying about cap flexibility and pulling themselves up out of the middle of the heap.

I'm really, really, really tired of this team. They're not good enough. They're not going to be good enough. And the next two years will likely be painfully worthless while we wait for everyone else to expire. Player development is all that matters, and I'm not confident we'll get a good sense of where we are in that department either.

I'm going to Vegas.

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