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Sixers vs. Pistons and Also Anything Else Thread

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So today marks the end of the Orlando Summer League week. The Sixers will finish below .500 (TYPICAL) despite the result of today's game vs. the Pistons. It's been a mostly worthless week since Moe Harkless, Arnett Moultrie, and Nikola Vucevic have barely played, but at least we have an idea as to who should be getting camp invites out of this crop.

You can use this for the game thread but also for the following topics.

  • Does Devin Searcy have a chance to make the team after a pretty solid week? I think Queen Regent deserves a camp invite on the basis of nickname alone.
  • Is Xavier Silas still a lock to make the team? He's been bad.
  • What music Tanner and I should listen to on our road trip from LA to Vegas. We hiked the Hollywood sign yesterday. It was Tanner's first time and it was fetch. He's now sleeping on my futon.
  • Why Clay Tucker didn't blow as much yesterday -- probably because I didn't watch the game. Jerk.
  • On Lavoy Allen's candidacy for starting power forward.
  • Will an Iguodala trade ever happen? Is it 2045 yet?
  • Seriously, how much do you guys want to know about the adventures of Tanner, Dave, Jordan, and me in Vegas? It's the first time any more than two Liberty Ballers will be in the same place at the same time. We can tell you everything or some things or just late night photo albums. It may get messy. Feedback, please.
  • How could anyone be Moe Harkless?
  • What animal does Dave Rueter most closely resemble? No one has met Dave. Everybody else has met Derek separately. And me and Tanner hang out on the reg but have never met Jordan. Expect hugs.
  • On the attractiveness of Kim English if Kim English were a woman.
  • The temperature in Las Vegas. "Balls hot", I believe it is.
  • You always double down on 11.
  • Just how much money should we put on Double-Zero for Spencer Hawes on the roulette table? All of it?

Talk all day don't ever stop talking!